Established in 2014, we have now taken residence in the heart of Woodstock where our unique market positioning puts us in the middle of creative, cinematographic and semi-industrial Cape Town, South Africa.


At the inception of any creation is an idea. At Rabbit, we enable you to make your idea, your creation.

At the core of the business lies our consulting team who, along with our extended network of partners, will bring your product to market efficiently by addressing your individual manufacturing, creative & distribution needs.

From a team of 4 people (including our technical director remotely situated in Martigues, France) we now have a permanent staff of 6 after former FormTech 3D founder Andreas Schwerdtfeger joined the family.

The founders


Managing Director, Founder

From animation production to international sales, the love of technology to an appreciation for classical Japanese arts, Harry is above all a spirited entrepreneur. With Rabbit, he can combine his thirst for discovery, creativity and business development whilst having fun with cutting edge technological marvels.


Technical Director, Co-Founder

Continuously exploring equilibrium and resonance of his era, Marc an engineer and an artist (stage name: zoomak) thrives in the development of trans-disciplinary projects. He’s always been convinced that technology is not the aim but enables people to invent what they really need.