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San Centre

Jelly Fish exhibit
March 3, 2016
ASA Award trophies
March 3, 2016

3D printing is often associated with the making of architectural scaled models. Through experience we have learnt that printing a model in its entirety is often not the most efficient solution. Instead we like to involve traditional architectural model builders such as our friends at Boyd & Ogier.

Such an example is the San Centre model that we worked on with them earlier this year. Looking at the drawing it was pretty clear that the roof structure would have to be 3D printed due to its mixture of organic and geometric shapes. Any other method of fabrication here would have meant days of work for a highly skilled artist.


Although we can 3D print in a multitude of sizes and materials, we cannot take away the skill of traditional model makers who bring the whole thing together.

"Hybridation" at its best!