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ASA Award trophies

San Centre
March 3, 2016
Dingo Monitor Enclosure
March 3, 2016

Rabbit was approached by the Cape Town International Animation Festival to become a sponsor and as such we jumped at the opportunity to design and fabricate the award trophies.

Our relationship with the animation industry runs deep at Rabbit, so it was a natural fit to be a sponsor of the CTIAF.

The only requirement from Animation SA was to incorporate all sponsor logos onto the award and so we did this by creating a platform (perspex) for the robot to rest on and included all sponsor logos for full colour display.

Using Rhino software to model the robots, we created 7 different trophies for the different categories. Using BinderJet 3D printing allowed us to fabricate all trophies at the same time very quickly and efficiently.

One of the main challenges were to avoid excess powder inside the robot as loose powder often stores in a closed section. To avoid this, we printed the head of the robot separately, removed excess powder, and glued the head back in place. Finally the robot was sprayed with a copper paint to give the final finishing touches.