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Jelly Fish exhibit

Scanning Fossils
October 6, 2016
San Centre
March 3, 2016

Earlier this year the Two Oceans Aquarium launched a brand new exhibit which includes a comprehensive Jelly Fish section complete with the lifecycle of Moon Jellies to adult Jellies of all kinds.

Although they farm Jellyfish at the Aquarium, it is pretty difficult to show the 5 stages of the lifecycle other than on a diagram. This is where we came in!

Research was necessary to really work out what they look like at such microscopic sizes. Our Technical Designer had to spend a great deal of time with Mr. Jellyfish in his lab at the back of the Aquarium and learn the intricacies of Moon Jelly anatomy.

We also had to take into consideration the final product and the requirements of the exhibit: they had to be small (no larger than 5cm), transparent to show through UV lights and high detailed. We very quickly settled on 3D printing them in clear resin using a high precision SLA printer.


planula larva






adult medusa

  • 3D scanning was not possible so designs were created from picture references and viewing real-life early stage jellies through a microscope.

    • Created via vertex modelling and refined with digital sculpting.

      • Explored different types of printed materials, from nylon to resins.

        • Printed using our Form2 3D printer in clear resin to mimic real jellyfish and allow for lighting to come through.